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Mental Health Innovators

Empowering Progress in Mental Wellness. Mental health is at the epicenter of a healthcare revolution. Our NTAP consulting services are tailored for mental health innovators seeking to bring transformative solutions to the market. From regulatory navigation to securing add-on payments, we stand beside you on your journey to change lives.

Online Courses

Unlock your potential with our specially curated online courses. Designed for mental health innovators, our courses empower you with the knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact.

Why Did the Health System Say “No”or Let the Proposal Die?

Understand the common roadblocks mental health innovators face when approaching health systems:

Learn how to overcome these challenges with our specialized courses and consulting services.

How Your “ROI”is Seen by the Health System

ROI, or Return on Investment is a critical metric for health systems. Understand how health systems evaluate ROI:

Understanding the health system’s perspective on ROI is key to successful engagement.

How to Change the Game

Become a change-maker in mental health innovation:

Eliminating Your Competition

Gain a competitive edge with strategies that set you apart:

True ROI that Addresses Their Internal Costs

Show health systems the real value of your innovation by addressing their internal costs:

You Become the Administration’s Best Friend

Build strong relationships with health system administration by:

Increase Wallet Share

Maximize the financial impact of your innovation within health systems: